The Band of The Island of Jersey

It's Not All About Marching

Jersey Charities Commission number 93
AJC Membership Number 223

About the Band

The Band was originally formed in 1876 under the name of La Societe de L'Avenir which later became L'Union Musicale. Sometime after the Second World War the Band was renamed to its present title "The Band of the Island of Jersey". The Band differs from the tradition of Brass Bands in that they have a Corps of Drums, members of which, over the years have received training by HM Royal Marines, a relationship which has been nurtured by the Band executive for many years. Many young players have left the Island Band during its existence to serve in Her Majesties Forces as musicians and have returned to the Band to play a key role in its development.

Social Contribution
The Band seeks to provide a musical outlet for all ages of brass musicians from primary school age to beyond retirement. We have a Training Band which trains young musicians in the rudiments of playing brass Band music and specifically the Band's repertoire. Once the young musicians have reached a certain competency in playing and a position becomes available, they are elevated to the full Band and provided with uniforms. From then on they are fully fledged members of the Band of the Island of Jersey.

The Band is a self funding organisation which charges for its services. The main income is derived from its performance under the auspices of the States Committees responsible for the booking of bands in the island which is negotiated on an annual basis. The Band has received grants from the States of Jersey in past years to assist towards travel and towards the cost of uniforms. The average cost of running the Band is approximately £15,000 per annum, most of which is spent on instruments, uniforms and music with small amounts being spent on maintenance of our practice room. This is raised entirely by the Band members and Associate Members, none of whom receive any kind of remuneration. The Band also raises funds by holding regular jumble sales, sponsored marches, private engagements and other fund raising events.

Although the Band is an amateur, non profit making organisation, it is run in a very professional way with an executive committee meeting monthly. The committee ensures that the Band provides a valued service both in and out of the island. The accounts of the Band are audited by an independent auditor each year and passed at the AGM. The Band is a member of the Association of Jersey Charities and is also incorporated in the Royal Court of Jersey as a non-profit making association.